Why buy tires from Pride Auto Care instead of a big box store

Why buy tires from Pride Auto Care instead of the discount big box store?

Here’s why:

  • YOU and your family’s SAFETY is important. You should always take the time to get the right tires installed by a true technician who actually knows suspension or undercar repair. That’s Pride Auto Care.
  • Pride Auto Care technicians are ASE certified, we offer COMPLETE automotive services and can repair, adjust or service just about any alignment or suspension issue we find when we put your tires on!
  • We’re not just hanging new tires on your car and sending you down the road. And we throw in a $40 wheel alignment check to boot! Now, how’s that for real value?
  • So Relax! The nice thing is, all 3 of our shops are ASE’s Blue Seal of Excellence Recognized facilities.
  • Our ASE-certified technicians check your old tires for bad wear patterns, scalloping, feathering, shoulder wear, etc which may indicate something is not good with your suspension, your shocks or the old tires themselves.
  • Safety first! We know what we’re looking for and inspect your undercar for loose or worn components and diagnose any irregularly worn parts that we find. Then we offer you a complete and honest estimate of the needed repairs and handle these as you see fit.
True peace of mind for our customers!

The Bottom Line on Buying Tires At Pride Auto Care:

  • We sell you the right tire for your car based on true OE fitments, your needs and your budget.
  • Honestly, we understand saving money and offer competitively priced tires for virtually every budget out there (and we include a FREE $40 wheel alignment check with every set we sell!)
  • On top of that, we have access to virtually every major and minor brand tire made. Check us out!
  • Our tire experts show you the differences between the “cheap” and the safety, ride comfort, longevity and “bang-for-your-buck” value differences between the many various types and makes.
  • But the complete picture to proper tire installation and vehicle safety is to have your undercar and suspension checked regularly, especially in Colorado with our resident pot holes and extreme driving conditions. No worries except that tires and your car’s suspension that directs their function and an integral part of keeping your car safe, comfortable and long running.

When Pride installs your tires, we give your car or light truck a complete undercar inspection by ASE certified technicians (not entry level “tire slingers”). We check things out very thoroughly before we send you out with “new shoes.”

How much is your safety worth?

Michelin Tires for sale at Pride Auto Care?

‘Discount’ tire sellers and BIG BOX retailers

  • The vast majority of ‘discount’ sellers and BIG BOX retailers are about selling tires by the millions. We sell them by the hundreds. For them it’s about moving tons of tires, not about true car care.
  • Discount’ tires sellers and BIG BOX retailers simply sell tires at a discount price and hang them on your car. “Have a nice day.”

Really? “But wait a minute, sir, aren’t you going to check my suspension and alignment? Make sure my car is safe and won’t wear my tires out prematurely?”

  • NO, that’s not going to happen at these discount tire places. That’s not what they do…they sell tires cheaper (and usually not by as much as you think!!!) That’s it.
  • Isn’t your family’s safety and your peace of mind worth a couple bucks more for tires? And usually we’re talking only a few bucks. Heck we throw in a $40, 4-wheel complete alignment check with every set we sell. That usually offsets any “discount” you think you’re getting anyway. Wa-hoo!

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