As we all grow and deal with the challenges of today, we focus on our careers, our family and, for sure, making ends meet. Most importantly in all this craziness is balancing work, life and family. Yes our careers are important. And, yes, after a long day of work, we’d like to have the extra time (and energy) to give to our loved ones at home. 

At Pride Auto Care, we believe in the importance of both superior customer service and a work/life balance for our people. We want to continue to prioritize that focus in 2022. As a company, we talked extensively about tweaking our hours to that end and decided to shorten our operating hours by 1 hour per day. We’re still open nice and early at 7am but effective this year, we close at 5pm.

How does this minor change help our patrons and our families? For our customers, by not staggering our staff schedules to cover 11 hours versus 10, we’ll now have a full staff all day, bell-to-bell. This enables us to eliminate some of the long lines and be more attentive with our customers as we discuss their car services. It also reduces the vehicle drop off or pick up lag times.

With ‘all hands on deck’ we now have time for more meaningful conversations with our customers, about their vehicle concerns and allow us in the evening to review the work done on our customer’s vehicles in more detail; hopefully avoiding the ‘rush hour’ at our front counter. And those customers running after 5pm, no problem. With our new technologies, we have the means to allow secure, after-hours vehicle pick-up and easy-to-use, secure online pay options.

Our company’s core values revolve around family, yours and ours. Life’s short. We feel our employees deserve to have more time at home being more present with their loved ones. This one-hour change allows our staff to make it to more of their kid’s games, school events, and be home at a better time for dinner. Work/life balance is essential to being happier both at home and at work. And we believe that happy staff members equate to better service and happier customers. 

As a small family business, with over 30 years in the Front Range, we so appreciate your continued support and your understanding as we navigate today’s challenging times. Any operational changes we make, we do it with both our customers & our employees in mind. We could not do what we do without either of them and are so blessed and abundantly grateful for the people we have on both sides of the counter. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please reach out to us directly. As always; be safe & healthy out there. God bless.

Al Pridemore – CEO/CoOwner

Caitlyn Pridemore – Director of Marketing/Controller