Tune Up – Old or New School?

In this day and age, the old adage of “My car needs a tune-up.” is a little dated. Ok, really dated!

Today’s vehicles and the engines and systems that power them require preventive maintenance for the fluids, wearable parts, fuel system cleaning and system updates more that just “It’s time to change my spark plugs.”

For the record, many spark plugs today actually last 30k, 60k and as much as 100,000 miles. Wow! The real challenge as a car or light truck owner is staying up with the “Factory Required Maintenance” every 15,000 or so miles (i.e. 15k, 30k, 45k, 60k, 75k, 90k, 100k, and so on). Refer to your owner’s manual for all that information. 

At Pride Auto Care, we recommend you follow the required maintenance that your vehicle’s manufacturer lists in your owner’s manual. Most cars maintenance  listings will probably fall under the “Severe Duty” category if you drive mostly in stop and go city traffic, haul any kind of heavier loads, always drive with a car load of gear and people or if you drive in the mountains regularly.

At Pride Auto Care we constantly reference and follow these smart car care guidelines set up by your vehicle’s manufacturer. And we will always educate you as the consumer on these guidelines and offer to check these items in our different inspection services. This gives the peace of mind you deserve when you get your car or light truck serviced with us regularly.