This has truly been one of the toughest, craziest and most stressful years many of us have struggled through, perhaps in our lifetime. Many have battled in different ways —physically, emotionally, and certainly financially. We cannot take lightly what we all have endured but during this time of year we should count our blessings too. Our blessings include our friends and families but especially our “significant others.”

In our Pride Auto Care family we never take for granted and are extremely thankful for the support of our ‘Better Halves’; our wonderful wives Gail, Linda, Tamara and Faith and all the other team members’ spouses. Without them in our lives, supporting what we do for a living (as we support them and all they do) and standing side-by-side with us through thick and thin, life, both business and personal, would be completely different in so many ways.

The backbone of the American dream and our way of life is centered around and supported by the 30.2 million small businesses across the nation (SBA, Office of Advocacy, 2020). This comprises 99.9% of the total businesses in the United States. As owners of one of those small businesses for many years now, the critical component to our success is not just executing a good business plan, and all that involves, but it’s also about our relationships; with our amazing team members certainly but most importantly with our incredible spouses.

These relationships sustain us when things get tough, keep us cognitive of the task at hand and offer us daily a reason to do what we do. And often times, that’s a tough order to fill. Small businesses succeed and grow because of the strong relationships they create and nourish, both professional and personal.

To our amazing wives, in this year of immense challenges and stress, we offer our deepest heartfelt love and appreciation for your steadfast support, your amazing love and your understanding…and for getting after us when we need it. 😊

From Our Family to Yours, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Here’s to a Healthy, Less Stressful 2021!

Your Colorado Pride Auto Care Ownership Family