Last month I thanked our significant others for all they do to support us small business owners on ​both a business and personal level.  It is important that we realize we’re not in this battle to sustain ourselves and grow our businesses without the help and support of our families. In that article I highlighted a couple statistics that bring to light how enormous and important small business is to America (and it’s worth repeating):

The backbone of the American dream and our way of life is centered around and supported by the 30.2 million small businesses across the nation (SBA, Office of Advocacy, 2020). This comprises 99.9% of the total businesses in the United States.

That means without small business, America for all intended purposes, would cease to exist as we know it today.

I think everyone realizes at some level how important it is to support small business in a general sense; but it is worth bringing it to the top of the conversation here. I want to expand on our support and appreciation for the small business operators all over the country particularly in our own Front Range areas of Colorado. 2020 beat the dickens out of many of us and many might not make it, certainly not without a lot of regrouping.

Having been a part of Corporate America myself for years, several decades back, I know many of them took a beating as well.  My transition to small business operations and ownership came with a steep and healthy learning curve. It made me realize how incredibly difficult it is to not only own and operate a small business in today’s environment but how much effort it takes of everybody involved to make it work successfully.

Success is driven by people on both sides up the sales counter whether in person or on the line, it’s all about people. For us success has always been centered around having a great team of people with you on that small business journey because overall that is the most critical piece to have to achieve your goals, long-term viability, personally and professionally. And that’s another reason 2020 was painful for many small owner operators because they do care , they love what they do, they have invested their blood, sweat and tears into building something they believe in. They know they play an important role in supporting their local communities and have often spent every nickel they have to exist within their communities in the first place.

Small business, in its essence, tends to bring innovation and competition to the street at all levels. Some of the most personalized and innovative products and approaches to services are generated within the small business community.

Along with their ability to be innovative and quick on their feet, small businesses put their focus on customer service and ensuring people want to come back to them and their business. It is all about that first impression and giving people a pleasant experience right out of the gate. Small businesses are all about customer care and a relationship-based culture that many large corporations find it tough to consistently tough to deliver consistently. Small business operators know that providing the best quality product or service available to the general public is critical to their success. And to that end, the vast majority of small business owners work long hours, under enormously stressful conditions and with a lot of personal sacrifice. The ‘buck’ stops with them and they know it. In the end, they do it because they love what they do and love the team they’ve created.

Our local communities, our neighborhoods, the areas in which we all work and live are supported by small businesses of all types, sizes, and talents. They support the local schools, they support the extracurricular activities, they donate their money & time to make the community better. That is not to say that large businesses or national chains don’t do the same, but their involvement in local communities is NOT their focus. They generally focus on revenues and growth at all cost…not relationships and community. There is a difference.

Obviously, every business, large and small, brings something of value to the consumer in today’s marketplace; or they wouldn’t last long. We’ve all seen them come and go. BUT trust me when I say, given the statistics I quoted above, supporting the small businesses in your neighborhood and community as often as we can is critical to our survival. And, honestly, it sustains and perpetuates the national heritage that has made America a great country. Today, more than ever, we need that small business energy and focus.

So, whenever possible, wonder down the street and shop and buy local whenever you can and when it makes sense. You’re doing the right thing.

Stay safe out here and have a great 2021!

Al Pridemore, CEO, CMO, Co-owner

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