We couldn’t be prouder of our youngest Pridemore brother Dwight for once again earning the Best of the Best Award from the Colorado Community newspapers. That makes six years in a row that Pride Auto Care has won this Littleton car repair contest.

Pride Auto Care in Littleton wins Best of the Best in Car Repair 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

people love us on yelp pride auto care parker centennial littleton car repair It goes without saying that our clients become our family after servicing everyone’s car from grandpa to that new 16-year-old driver with the permit. We work hard to make sure you are safe on the road and understand everything we are doing to make your car or truck work for you.

At the Littleton Repair shop on Broadway and 470, we can handle anything from an oil change to new tires or a complete transmission replacement or rebuild.

Stop by to visit Dwight and tell him congratulations for winning this badge again.

Below are what the folks on Yelp had to say about the Littleton store:

Natalie H. Littleton *****5 Stars on Yelp 12/17

My family are regular pride customers. They are affordable and always do a nice job. I specially wanted to thank them for going above and beyond. I got in an accident and couldn’t get the hood of my car to close so I could drive home safely. I was close to pride on Broadway and just walked in hoping they could help me. They were very prompt and got tools out and fixed my latch so it would close again without any fees or charge. Thanks pride! I will be coming to you guys again!

Lisa P. Highlands Ranch *****5 Stars on Yelp 11/17

They are amazing. Extremely honest and professional. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my moms and my car. Great company.

Shannon P from Parker **** 5 Stars at Yelp 10/17

We are regular customers at the Pride in Parker, and we love the team there. When my son’s car broke down at college, it was cheaper to have it towed to the Littleton location. Frustratingly, the tow-truck driver dropped the car at the wrong place (a Midas up the street) and we didn’t find out until late in the day. Once we finally got it to Pride, they prioritized it so we could get it back to my son the same day. Given the rush request and the fact that the car was across town, unable to start, they could have easily charged us far more. However, they were fast, professional and kind on the phone – and their pricing, as always, was SUPER reasonable. Ty, the manager, was fantastic to deal with–and it was a minor issue that got us out the door for less than $50. So glad to know that if we break down away from home, we can trust any of the Pride locations in the Denver Metro area.

Car problems are a hassle, but you can’t go wrong taking your vehicle to a Pridemore-owned facility.

Warren K. Lone Tree *****5 Stars 7/17

Imagine going to an auto repair shop that you didn’t know to get your air conditioning recharged. When you get your quote for $155 you tell the repair shop to go ahead. Later they call to say that they completed their tests on the system and recharged the system, only to find out the condenser, a $1,200 repair, was not working. Instead of charging the $155, the repair shop chooses to charge $0 because they could not fix the problem with a repair much costlier than quoted. Thus, 5-stars and a new, trusted repair shop for our family’s 5 cars. Thank you Ty.

Neil L. from Denver ***** 5 Stars at Yelp 6/16

These guys were first recommended to me by an employee at Advance Auto Parts who said, “I send my mom there and feel no hesitations.” I can now echo his statement.

Pride Auto Care has demonstrated nothing but excellence and honesty each time I bring my cars in. One example: I got a quote from a national chain auto repair shop for $740. I brought it by Pride and told them this information. They called me up a couple hours later and said, “Mr. Long, your car is ready. Total came to $90.” 6

Couldn’t recommend these guys enough.

Dario D from Denver *****5 Stars at Yelp 5/16

Jody fit me in an hour before they closed and did a great job. Very reasonably priced and very accommodating. They clearly are getting my business going forward. Please try them out and support a local business.

McKenna K from Englewood ***** 5 Stars at Yelp 1/16

I’ve been coming to pride since I first started driving. They’ve seen 3 cars with me now. They are always happy to help with with whatever I need. They always answer the phones with a great attitude and get me in quickly for oil changes. When I was in a struggle with sugar in my tank they got me in same day and drove me back to work. I’m always happy to give service to pride. Thankyou!

Amy B from Littleton *****5 Stars at Yelp 12/15

I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and helpfulness of the Littleton Pride Auto Care.

A few weeks ago on the way to a holiday brunch, we had a mini emergency with a tire valve.  We stopped in at Pride Auto Care.  They said it would be ~ 1hr but went right to work and had us back on the road quickly.  In my opinion they went well above and beyond – they checked the valve, checked the tire pressure in all 4 tires, and did a leak check.  When they called us up to the counter….they said no charge.  I was in disbelief.  I’m used to the exact opposite behavior from car repair shops – this place seems very trustworthy and honest.  This Pride Auto Care really impressed me and I will consider them for future repairs or tires.  Highly recommend!

Ashley A from Littleton ***** 5 Stars at Yelp 

I’m seventeen, and I bought my first car (used) about eight months ago.  Since then, it has had multiple issues, particularly with the check engine light coming on CONSTANTLY.  The guys at pride are phenomenal.  As a an individual who is young, female, and knows nothing about cars, I feel comfortable bringing my vehicle here.  I get a great and fair price, and I never feel pressured to repair anything prematurely.  I feel that I always get their honest opinion, be it good or bad.  My favorite thing is that the staff is willing to explain the repairs to me.  They have no problem taking me out to my car, popping the hood, and spending fifteen minutes explaining what Im paying for.  It is something I really appreciate.  My parents were originally loyal to keller brothers, however based on the service I have received at pride, they are converts! My car is running fabulously now and I owe it to pride.

Devin B from Littleton ***** 5 Stars at Yelp

Friendly, helpful, fair, and quick service. 

Took my car for a steering wheel shudder (when braking) and these guys did a great job on finding the problem and giving me a fair price. I’ll be back again if I have any other car problems.

Mike M in Highlands Ranch gave us 5 Stars too ***** at Yelp

Excellent, excellent!  Acura dealer back in Chicago wanted to replace rear calipers which they were going to charge me $1k as a result of a poor brake job they did. Pride auto figured out the caliper problem and fixed it for around $100 bucks.   Thanks guys!

Highly recommended.

Lauren B in Denver had this to say… **** 4 Stars on Yelp – changed to 5 Stars

Despite that my car needs MORE work done on it, I did have a good initial experience with these guys.  The guys are very nice and helpful, scoped out my cars insides same day on a Saturday. Rates seem reasonable as well. They told me I need a bunch of parts replaced so my transmission stops leaking but were more than happy to oblige to “patch up” the problem until i get my tax refund and can actually afford to get the car fixed. Bottom line, no pressure-no BS. Will be back to these guys to get my car fixed once I have the cashflow!

After a few months she returned and changed her 4 star rating to a 5 star

I got my car’s transmission repaired. And I have to say I gave them one days notice to get my parts and it took them about half a day and it cost about $50 less than they quoted me. I will probably bring my car here for everything now. 

Lauren put the Littleton Pride store on her “Taking Care of Business” list. Thanks, Lauren we sure do try!

Erin J from Littleton ***** 5 Stars on Yelp

My husband took his car there – no apt and they were quick, friendly and had great customer service. We recently moved to Highlands Ranch and we will be taking our cars there from now on.

Steve Z in Highlands Ranch ***** 5 Stars on Yelp

My son is in the car business and recommended Pride to us.  He uses them all of the time.  I’ve been looking for a good repair shop that I can trust, so I decided to give them a try.

Took my wife’s car there when the engine light came on.  I had taken it to the dealer and they quoted me $1,100 to replace some emissions part.

The Pride guys spent a lot of time testing it and didn’t find anything wrong with the emissions system.  It may have been that the gas cap was loose, which can cause the engine light to come on. They charged me an hour of labor and saved us over $1,000.

Took her car in again when we got a new error message.  The car needed a new battery, which made sense since it is 5 years old.  They were less than half of what the dealer charged on her last car.

Anyway, I think I’ve finally found a good repair shop that I can trust.  We’re going to use Pride for both of our cars from now on.

Randy G in Littleton ***** 5 Stars on Yelp

I don’t write reviews. I do not even consider this. These guys are incredible. A great find to say the least.  I have a Jeep Liberty and after 100k there are bound to be “issues”….this is a great place to know that you will get a fair, honest deal.  If you need a rental, go over to the Enterprise place across the street and mention Pride..they are great as well and will give discounts for using Pride…I don’t endorse in my industry because I work for Schwab and there is nobody better…but for my Dollar….Pride Auto Care is the best in our region hands down.

Chelsea B in Englewood **** 4 Stars on Yelp

Took my Audi to these guys last week on a referral from a friend. I have just died and gone to heaven!!!! Dealership told me $3,700 for engine work.. Pride Auto found a bad connector that was sending bad information to the computer. Total fix $200. I love these guys!!!!

What Customers Say about Pride Auto Care on Google

Very happy with Pride Auto Care. Friendly, helpful and honest work at a reasonable price. Never a bad experience with either of the cars I take to them. Pride is a great example of how an auto care shop should be. Highly recommend.

Kevin B. ***** 5 Stars 8/16

At Pride, we do our best to fix your car the first time around. If you ever have less than a stellar experience at any of our repair shops please call and ask for the Pridemore on duty. We will always work hard to make you happy.

Family owned and operated car repair for 25+ years in South Denver CO