GAS SAVING TIPS From Pride Auto Care and the “Be Car Care Aware” education campaign of the Car Care Council.*

Tire Pressure
Tire pressure & alignment are critical to safety and achieving your best fuel economy possible. Tires lose about 1 psi of air pressure per month. Keeping your tires at the proper pressure can improve your fuel economy, allowing your car to roll easier. Your proper air pressure is found in the owner’s manual or inside the driver’s door jamb, not on the side of the tire.
Clean Air
Changing a dirty air filter can notably improve your fuel economy and power. Have it checked with every oil change. Check your cabin air filter too (if equipped) for clean breathable air inside the car.
Are you buying higher octane gas than necessary? If you drive a computer-controlled vehicle (basically cars built after 1987) you may be able to get by with the lowest octane fuel. Check your owner’s manual. It won’t improve your fuel economy, but it can save you 10-20 cents per gallon.
Are you using the proper oil for your vehicle and getting it changed every 4000 miles or 4 months? You may not realize it but most city drivers are using their cars under “Severe Service” conditions. See your owner’s manual for details and use the recommended viscosity. Keeping your oil full and clean will reduce the friction inside your engine, and help with fuel economy and engine life!
Driving Habits and Planning
Keep your foot light on the gas. Using gradual acceleration may not be fun, but it will save you money. Same for braking, if you accelerate & then brake hard at the next light, you‘re wasting gas. Avoid extended idling, cars need 30 seconds to warm up. Plan your trips. Short trips, in stop and go traffic, are harder on your car’s engine than most other driving.
Preventive Maintenance Is The Key!
Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to save fuel costs and allow your car to operate more efficiently. Read your owner’s manual or visit Pride Auto Care for a full maintenance review. Your peace of mind and the savings can be significant!
*For more information and a free service interval schedule visit the Car Care Council’s Web site at

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