Given today’s increasingly high price of gasoline and diesel fuel, keeping our vehicles in tiptop shape to maximize our MPG (miles per gallon) is critical. Well, it’s understood that many cars today are more complicated than they’ve ever been. And generally speaking, car servicing is not something that most average Americans feel comfortable doing. Having and utilizing the services of a quality automotive service center is more important than ever in helping you achieve maximum performance from your car along with driving peace of mind and overall safety. And it doesn’t hurt the vehicle long term value either!

Our vehicles today face a challenging driving environment, mostly referred to as severe driving conditions in your owner’s manual—city and mountain driving can be the worse. These driving conditions include stop and go traffic, carrying heavy loads (possibly several passengers, gear and/or towing a trailer), rough and mountainous roads, dusty conditions, short commutes, and driving in extreme hot or cold. All these things are NOT friends of the automobile! They contribute to the ongoing wear and tear on a vehicle.

So, keeping things like spark plugs and filters changed out on the manufacturer’s schedule, keeping tires inflated to the proper PSI and with good tread on them, doing scheduled oil changes, keeping all other fluid and belts maintained and/or changed out on schedule, etc. (see your owner’s manual for your proper maintenance items and schedule) can make a significant difference in not only how well your car or light truck performs but the gas mileage that you can achieve.

While it’s hard to spend money on something that isn’t a critical issue at the time, staying on schedule and proactive on your vehicle maintenance and upkeep is hugely critical today especially with the cost of gas going through the roof.

Here’s wishing you safe and carefree travels out there.

From Your Friends and Family at Pride Auto Care,

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Al Pridemore, Co-Owner

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