Are Cabin Air Filters Really That Important? The short answer is yes, absolutely. One of the less expensive but most overlooked preventive maintenance items on a vehicle is the cabin air filter (CAF for short). The engine air filter, we all kind know about them. It filters the air coming into the actual motor for a more efficient, better performing engine. No brainer. It’s also a no brainer to have a check and replace the clean cabin air filter fairly regularly, especially if you live in dusty or higher polluted areas. Most cars today are now equipped with them.

Cabin air filters can be tough to get to and check. Any reputable automotive service center should include the option to check them when they service your vehicle.

The CAF does many things that kind of go unnoticed for the most part but that are very important to the air quality inside the car. It helps reduce pollution in the car because it is the filter that all the external air must go through before it enters the cabin or the car interior. Any sort of small debris, allergens, dust, some mold spores and other airborne particulates get filtered out and allow us to breathe easier in the car.

Take the time to have yours checked regularly, especially now that we are getting into our winter season. But be aware that whether you’re running your heater and air conditioner you’re wanting clean air to breathe and a nice, clean CAF is our lung’s best friend. Happy breathing.


Al’ Pridemore II, CEO, CMO, Co-owner


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