Air Care Colorado

One of the advantages of using Pride Auto Care for any emissions related problems and repairs is that all our shops are registered and approved with state of Colorado as Official Air Care Colorado repair centers. We’ve held this distinction, with an excellent reputation, for many years and are proud of our track record.

Emissions Failures

If you do not pass your Colorado emissions test, we can handle it! Since the e-test is required on virtually all but the oldest of vehicles on Colorado roads and highways, we can perform any of the required service and/or necessary repairs to get you and your vehicle “passed” and on the road again.

Go to Air Care Colorado for information on the Colorado Emissions system and required auto inspections.


Your vehicle’s emission system keeps the engine running cleanly and efficiently in all sorts of operating conditions. Often, when the system is out of sync, running poorly, needing service or repairs, the CEL (check engine light on the dash) comes on and indicates there’s something out of tolerance in the emissions system.

A steady or flashing warning light on your vehicle dashboard usually indicates a problem that is currently happening and may require immediate attention. Failure to have this issue addressed promptly can affect your vehicle’s performance: reduce your gas mileage, acceleration, and cause other drivability issues. It can also cause your vehicle to pollute more than it should OR more than is allowed by the state’s air quality standards. That’s one reason that periodic emissions tests in Colorado are required—to keep our air as clean as we can for us and future generations.


Your car’s emission system controls the emissions, exhaust and pollutants (including gasoline vapors escaping from the fuel tank), using an array of sensors, computerized engine controls and the exhaust components. The emission system substantially reduces harmful gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), unburned hydrocarbons (HC) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and, by law, must be maintained in operating condition.

Some wear and tear factors that can negatively affect the vehicle’s emission system include:

  • Driving and atmospheric conditions
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle age
  • Type of spark plug electrode material
  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Poor quality fuel
  • Damaged or worn sensors
  • Dry-rotted or cracked vacuum hoses

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