As we welcome the warm summer weather, that also means it’s time to get our vehicles prepared for any pending road trips we hope to take. The best way to get your vehicle road trip ready is to find yourself a professional automotive repair shop and schedule a comprehensive Annual Vehicle Inspection (AVI).   

In 18 states AVI’s are required by law. However in Colorado we’re only required to pass emissions tests. Regardless of being required by law or not, we believe that it is imperative that our customers and others in our communities are aware of the long-lasting benefits of a good AVI. An AVI is an incredibly proactive way to ensure your car is operating properly, therefore keeping you and your loved ones safe while out on the road; and safety should always be the number one priority. A typical “courtesy inspection” during an oil change is not of the quality or detail of a true AVI.

When scheduling an AVI at your trusted auto repair shop, there is no shame in asking & verifying that it will be performed by an experienced ASE Certified Technician (always trust but verify). The first portion of the inspection focuses on checking the front/rear wiper blades, exterior lighting operations, window washing operation, and the condition of the spare tire/jack, etc. The technician will then dive deeper into multiple vehicle systems such as checking filters, belts, hoses, shocks/struts, steering & suspension leaks, front/rear brake pads, rotors, as well as CV axle conditions and tire condition/tread depth. Finally, the tech will diligently check all fluids (anything from washer fluid & coolant fluid to engine & transmission fluid conditions) therefore he can determine which fluids need a simple top off, or if they need a full replacement.

We all invest a great deal of money and pride into the vehicles. In order to make sure our cars last a long time (as they should), and get us from point A to point B safely, it is extremely worthwhile to make yearly AVI appointments; that way you can help prevent any major repairs or problems from hurting your wallet or interrupting your travel plans. Practicing preventative maintenance will always serve you and your car tremendously well.  


Your friends at Pride Auto Care

Caitlyn Pridemore

Manager of Business Services

Pride Auto Care & Mr. Transmission of Parker