Worry Free Driving Nationwide Warranty

Pride Auto Care is a TECH-NET PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE® center, which means our customers are covered by a Worry-free Driving Nationwide Warranty. The Worry-free Driving Nationwide Warranty reaches across North America when you need it most providing vehicle protection on qualifying service and repairs.

36 Month / 36,000 Mile Warranty for your Car or Truck

TECH-NET PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE® centers will protect your new car warranty and are committed to providing a successful and pleasant automotive service experience.

Our Warranty program covers most parts and labor for…

36 months or 36,000 miles / 40,000 kilometers, whichever comes first when traveling more than 25 miles / 40 kilometers from the original TECH-NET PROFESSIONAL AUTO SERVICE® repair facility.

In the event you need assistance on a warranty related repair when traveling beyond 25 miles / 40 kilometers from the original service facility, the warranty program administrator will direct you to the nearest in-network service facility to handle the warranty related repair.

What Is Covered By the Warranty?

  1. Air conditioning, heating and climate control systems
  2. Engine performance or drivability services and repair
  3. Brake systems. H. Exhaust systems
  4. Electrical systems
  5. Fuel systems
  6. Emission control systems
  7. Ignition systems
  8. Engine cooling systems
  9. Electronic engine management system and other onboard computer systems (engine, body, brake and suspension computers), cruise control systems
  10. Starting and charging systems
  11. Steering/suspension systems, wheel bearings, CV joints, half shafts and driveshafts

Ask for complete warranty coverage information and details on your next service visit to one of our six Denver Metro Area locations.