Sometimes in the craziness that we’ve all experienced through COVID , we forget some of the key players in our day-to-day existence that have been hugely instrumental in keeping our lives somewhat intact and society moving forward. There are plenty that come to mind and certainly not least of these are the essential workers. They have manned our gas stations, grocery stores, car care centers, restaurants, and other retail establishments along with our amazing public servants, etc ; laborers, etc ; putting their health at risk to help keep us serviced, safe and happy. Thank you all so much!

But I also have to pause for a minute and give a BIG special Colorado THANKS, as we enter the Fall season, to the teachers in our communities that are on the front lines addressing not only the ever-changing COVID policies and protocols for schools but at the same time trying to keep our kids safe, educated and engaged. I no longer have children of school age but many within my circle of close family and friends do. They have been greatly impacted and challenged over the last several months educating their children at home, getting conflicting reports as to how the educational process looks going forward and most of all trying to balance their lives, and their careers with keeping their kids engaged with learning.

My hat’s off to our educators and our teachers throughout the state of Colorado and the country for that matter. I can only imagine the pressure that they’ve been under to make our education system continue to work for our young people. But I know this, without them doing what they do, not just during COVID but throughout their careers, none of us would be where we are today, in my humble opinion, without their support, care and interest in teaching.

I look back on one of my favorite teachers in middle school some 40 years ago and the way she drove us to want to learn, to get better with how we learned and make an impact. She was a tough teacher as I recall (in my ripe old age of 10) but in hindsight, an amazing woman that I’m sure by now, so many years later, has since passed away. But to this day her values, her energy and her “always do your best” ‘preachings’ stick in my mind and drive me to continue to learn and grow in knowledge even as an adult.

Thank you Mrs. Causey — I have not forgotten you, your teachings or that look that said shape up and study young man … or else. 😊 


Kermit ‘Al’ Pridemore II, CEO, CMO, Co-owner

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