Shocks and struts are an integral part of a vehicle's SAFETY TRIANGLE: Steering, Stopping & Stability.

Good Suspension, Shocks & Struts = SAFETY

The “Safety Triangle” is defined by the relationship between the tires, brakes, and shock absorbers (or struts on many newer cars). Steering and braking ability depend on secure contact between the tires and the road. That is hugely important; without consistent contact with the road surface, a tire (and the car it is attached to) cannot perform as needed to keep the vehicle driving safe. When a shock or strut is not functioning properly that contact can be reduced significantly thus impacting the safety and control can become an issue.

Benefits of Shock & Strut Replacement

  • Improve overall safety of the vehicle
  • Prevent premature tire wear
  • Improve vehicle control by reducing bounce, roll or sway, dive, and acceleration squat
  • Improve driver & passenger comfort
  • Produce consistent braking
  • Reduce wear and tear on suspension parts, which maintain proper wheel alignment.

Shocks Convert Kinetic Energy to Heat

  • Shocks convert the energy of up and down movement into heat
  • The heat is then transferred to the hydraulic fluid which dissipates the heat through the shock body

Coil Spring

  • Absorbs road shock, supports vehicle weight, and maintains vehicle height
  •  Absorb wheel motion when the wheels meet holes and humps in the road
  • Springs alone cannot provide a satisfactory ride
  • Spring motion is controlled by the dampening force of a shock or strut
  • Springs and shocks/struts work together to keep tires in contact with the road creating improved traction and safety

Components Within Shock (made of metal, rubber & plastic) Degrade Over Time

  • All parts degrade due to extreme high temperatures created during use
  • Each mile averages 1,750 stabilizing actions

    50,000 miles = 87.5m cycles
    100,000 miles = 175m cycles
  • Over time, hydraulic fluid breaks down & loses viscosity, degrading unit performance


  • Though shock and strut rod seal quality has significantly improved over the last several years, a shock does not have to be leaking to be degraded!
  • Just a 10% weight transfer causes the front brakes to work a 100% harder!
  • For you and your family’s comfort & safety, stop by Pride Auto Care FOR A FREE SHOCK or STRUT INSPECTION or for any other service or automotive repairs needs.

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