Pride Auto Care—Come Ride with Pride!

With two, long time successful full service tire and auto centers under our belt, why did the four Pridemore brothers decide to buy an existing Parker car care business and set up their third shop there? Simple… We love this area and wanted our next great car care location to be in our own backyards. WE were amazingly blessed to find the old Hometown store…it was just the right place for us.
The original owner was “hands off”, tired of the car care business and has wanted out for some time now. While the old Hometown crew recently had a decent technician or two in the fold, the store was understaffed, un-marketed and starting to get rundown. But, to their credit, the store crew had a pretty decent reputation for good service of late and were situated in a prime Parker location…right behind the Super Target in the Parker Valley retail complex.
Douglas County and Parker are one of the premier areas to live in in Colorado, heck in the whole country for that matter. It’s a clean, beautiful growing city that still embraces the country charm that makes it such an awesome place to live and rear a family.
WE are hands on owners. We work at the stores we operate and that makes a difference because it’s our friends, and neighbors, our extended “family” that have us work on their “pride and joy!” They trust us. They see us at school, at church, at grocery store, at the movies…these are our neighbors. We know they expect nothing but great, honest service and a fair price from us and that exactly what they’ve gotten for over 19 years now. We are now working on the second and third generation of drivers in many of the original families who’ve been our customer’s for almost 20 years.
We love people and love fixin’ cars.
The new store in Parker is an exciting first for us as our original two stores were built new in 1989 when two of the four brothers were just manager and technician at the time. Then in 2001 we became minority owners in the operations and eventually bought the business outright in 2005. We’ve been looking to expand to a third store in the southeast corridor” since then and Parker is perfect. A great town with amazing people and a great country feel. What more could we ask for?