High praise indeed from one of our customers at the Highlands Ranch / Littleton store.

Good morning,

I wanted to pass along some information that might be helpful. On Saturday the Highlands Ranch location looked at my 2012 CRV for an issue I have with it making a grinding noise when starting.  After working together we were able to discover that it is a case of a poorly designed VTC Actuator on 2012 and newer models.  I did some checking online and called Honda this morning. It is indeed an engineering issue that they don’t yet have a fix for. New actuators being put in by dealerships have the same defect so the problem starts up again shortly after they are replaced.  I’ve been told by Honda that they hope to have a “decision” made regarding the issue by late fall or early winter of this year.  Sadly they won’t commit to it being a recall and customers may have pay to have them replaced.  I’ve called two Honda dealers to check on what they know and both claimed to have never heard of the problem but offered to take a look at it.  Funny, they should try typing it in online or call Honda Customer Service. There are message boards devoted to the issue.

I want to thank you guys for helping discover what the problem is and that there is no real fix. The only service that really needed, or could be performed, was an oil change.  I really appreciate your honesty.  I’ve seen plenty of complaints from customers who’ve taken their CRV to dealerships and been bilked out of money.  We’ve used Pride Auto Care three times now and so far you’ve given me plenty of reasons to trust you and keep right on using you.

The last time I used you was after I was told by a different auto repair business that I needed front brake pads ASAP (pushed to have it done that day when I needed my car back to get to work).  Your mechanic let me know that I had another oil change worth of pad left and that when those come due I should consider having the rear done too.  Again, the honesty is greatly appreciated and you guys will be the one’s doing the work.


Janelle F.
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

When a client takes the time to write such a nice letter we feel it’s important to share that with our Pride Auto Care family.