I love to eat. Come on, we all love to eat. I’m blessed to have food on the table and in my pantry. However, I remember like it was yesterday, when times were tight and the pantry wasn’t all that full! So for our family, we never take food or groceries for granted and have been a strong supporter of Food Bank of the Rockies for many years. These people ROCK!

During this time of crisis and high unemployment, many folks aren’t as lucky as others with their family and food budget. Food Bank of the Rockies is always there to help and right now their resources are getting stretched to the limit as requests for food have more than doubled the last several weeks.

Be the blessing to another family or families
that don’t have food on their table this week.

We ask for a monetary donation to Food Bank of the Rockies because with their incredible bulk buying power allows them to provide more meals per dollar. Versus simply dropping off actual food which cannot be used until it is cleaned, sanitized and sorted — that takes a lot of time and labor. Food Bank of the Rockies can produce 4 meals for $1…ONE DOLLAR! That’s amazing! Please use this link to make a direct donation.


That said, Pride Auto Care has partnered up with Food Bank of the Rockies to bring more attention to this amazing group of people and a program that supports so many different smaller food bank programs and thousands of hungry people across Colorado.

Part of our Pride Auto Care partnership, if your vehicle is in need of any service, repair or tires bring your Food Bank of the Rockies donation receipt by any Pride Auto Care shop and we will match your donation (up to $50) and take that amount off your repair order at any one of our shops!!!

Go to www.PrideAutoCare.com/community/ to find out more or simply click here and consider a generous donation today.

Let’s support the amazing folks at Food Bank of the Rockies!

Thanks for your generosity. Together we will make a difference.

Al Pridemore, CEO, CMO, Co-owner

Caitlyn Pridemore, Manager of Business Support Services

Pride Auto Care — Full Service Tire & Auto

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