It’s a new, exciting and expanding age in which we live where the old conventional gasoline and diesel powered vehicles are sharing the roads with more and more hybrid and electric vehicles (EV’s for short). So, if you own one of these newer high tech machines, and realize that is NOT your Dad’s old family car, the question comes up, “Where do I go for service? Do I have to go to the dealer to service and repair my highly advanced hybrid or electric vehicle?” And the answer is “Yes, go to the dealer” BUT ONLY if your vehicle is under a new car factory warranty.”

If the vehicle is out of its factory warranty, on an after-market/3rd party warranty and /or just needs basic maintenance and service items performed, you can take it to most ASE certified independent/local automotive service facilities (i.e. Pride Auto Care) with hybrid /EV qualified technicians for those basic services. Here’s the challenge at other service shops, that claim they work on all makes and models:

The odds of you finding a truly qualified technician for your hybrid or EV are very slim, considering there are about 233,000 repair shops in America and only 1,540 technicians within those shops (as of 11/2020) who are actually ASE-certified to work on these vehicles. Pride Auto Care has you covered with multiple, advanced ASE Mater Techs certified on hybrid / electric vehicle. We are proud to have 4 technician specialists on our team, one at each of our 4 locations, ready to serve you and your vehicle’s needs. 

We have you covered from basic maintenance, tires, and standard vehicle repairs to the specialized hybrid/EV systems of high voltage batteries, DC/AC inverters, controllers, DC/DC converters, transmissions, and drive motors to make sure your vehicle stays safely on the road, saving you money for a long healthy vehicle life.

FTR (for the record): Most vehicles just run on a simpler 12-volt system. Today’s hybrid and EV platforms may produce five or more different voltages ranging from 5 volts all the way up to 650 volts! That’s a lot of power! So, for safety and reliability, you need a reputable, highly specialized technician like you’ll find at Pride Auto Care. We’re ready to help

It’s simple—Find a Pride Auto Care shop near work or home and give us a call. Let’s talk about your hybrid vehicle or your EV and how we can help give you peace of mind and take care of your ‘pride and joy.’

You’re driving one of the most technologically advanced automobiles on the planet , don’t trust it to just anybody. Come to the trained, expert technicians at Pride Auto Care — “Happy Customer Driving 30 Years of Local Pride.”