“There is no reason to assume a woman customer doesn’t know her car. They know plenty and if they don’t it is our job as technicians & management to help them learn. Making women feel safe and treating them as our equal is how it should be done.”

– Nicho C. & Ray H. – Pride Auto Care @ Hunters Hill

I remember living away from home while in college and having to rely on other car repair companies for help when something was not working right, or I just needed some basic maintenance work done. I went to this one repair shop in Fort Collins asking for an oil change and they came back with a list a mile long with what my car “needed” and when asked to see pictures or if they could clarify to me why they felt the repairs were needed he replied to me and said, “because I said so and I know how cars work.”

Moral of the story, I left because I did not feel valued as a customer, I felt belittled because I was trying to be involved in my car repairs and I felt like they were trying to take advantage of me and my purchasing power.

Fast forward years later and I proudly say that I work within the automotive industry. I now have a voice in a field that is predominately men and for that I am grateful. Our wonderful Pride Auto Care team has been trained by some of the best sales and emotional intelligence courses our field has to offer, and our management staff takes pride in doing their job correctly, efficiently, & respectfully.

Our staff takes the time to go over any & all questions our customers might have before, during & after the repair process. We provide picture or video proof to help them better understand the reasoning behind our repair recommendations and then walk them through it before moving forward. We do not try to upsell, nor belittle any customer that is in our care. We want to gain their trust and make their car repair process as painless as possible.

It is disheartening to us as a company how often we hear women venting to us about their past auto repair experiences.; And as a company we will continue to write the wrongs of other repair shops and ensure all woman are treated fairly and respectfully in our establishments.

Thank you to all our customers for posting reviews & letting us know how our stores are doing; but a specific thank you to our female clientele that have helped us grow, learn & given us a chance to prove to them we are not like their uncomfortable past repair shops.

Check out a couple recent testimonials below.  😊

“Always wonderful service, kind and informative staff, great pricing and very flexible. The staff at Pride is always nice to me, never demanding or rude, and consistently answers any and all questions I have about their services. I have never had a problem with Pride Auto Care and recommend them to anyone in need of car repair and maintenance.”

– Brittany P. Sept 30, 2020

  “Pride Auto Care is the BEST!!!  Only know how to describe it as Disney World Service.   Honesty is important to me.   The last 3-4 shops In Parker provided dishonest arrogant service and did poor work now having to redo the work.  I feel like I hit the jackpot with Pride Auto Care.  They are confident not arrogant. Highly knowledgeable and Honest.  True PRIDE in their work.  It shows from the time you drive in the parking lot.  Clean, friendly, personable, HONEST, respectful, and they KNOW what they are doing.  I had lost faith in the auto repair industry until I walked into Pride Auto Care.  Thank you for amazing service you continue to provide.  I’m forever grateful.”

– Lisa H. Sept 8, 2020

“My brakes started to grind and I dropped my car off the same day. They were able to fix it the next day. I also got a comprehensive list of concerns with my car with price tags attached. There was no sales pressure to do the work just a legitimate conversation as to what I should take care of right away. The comprehensive list came with photos attached. They were extremely professional and easy to work with. They’re prices were competitive for the market.  I just got my car back and  it feels great. As a female it’s hard to find a trustworthy mechanic. These guys are it.”

– Kat L. August 2020

Caitlyn Pridemore – Business Support Services