Light duty diesel vehicles, including diesel cars and up to 1-ton trucks, are a repair and service specialty here at Pride Auto Care.

The high performance diesel vehicles that we see today are nothing like our parents and grandparents drove in the past. With current technologies, light duty diesels today have evolved tremendously and so have the technicians that take care of them.  Whether driving your diesel around town, hauling a load for work or pulling that camping trailer through our beautiful Colorado mountains or across the prairies, let Pride Auto Care’s skilled technicians take meticulous care of your diesel’s maintenance and repairs including but not limited to (Power Stroke Repairs, Cummins Repairs, & Duramax Repair).

Light duty diesels are engineering marvels that have incredible torque and horsepower ratings compared to gasoline-powered “cousins.” That along with fuel economy and smoother drivability make them a popular choice today. They’re also some of the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the road, emitting 40% less CO2 than gas engines today. Generally they are much better for the environment than their predecessors. HOWEVER, proper service and maintenance is critical to their longevity (see your owner’s manual or Pride Auto Care for details).

Don’t forget about our 3-Year / 36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty.

Diesel engines today are truly technological masterpieces with power ratings never thought possible just a few years ago. Servicing light duty diesel engines in order to keep them in top shape and to keep their value and reliability intact takes skilled technicians that have extensive training in these systems. At the same time, today’s diesel engines, by their very nature, can be expensive to repair, especially if the maintenance is not performed on them regularly. So always keep up on your factory-required maintenance (see your owner’s manual or Pride Auto Care for details).

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Diesel Fun Facts:

  • Fuel pressure on most gas engines are 40-60psi, diesel common rails can run upwards of 50,000 psi.
  • Gas engine compression 8-10 : 1 versus diesel is 15 – 23:1
  • Diesel engine relies on no ignition system just pressure and heat, vs gas engines with spark.
  • Diesel emits 40% less co2 then gas engines
  • Gas engines emit 62% more particulate matter than diesels
  • The refining process on diesel fuel is easier and creates less greenhouse gasses to produce it.