Back in the day we talked about the “Penny Test” for determining the minimum tread depth on tires. Today, whether from inflation or otherwise :), a better test for minimum safe tread depth is using a quarter. If you insert a quarter, with George Washington’s head down, into the lowest tread depth on your tire and can see the top of his head, YOU PROBABLY NEED TIRES.

From the top of George Washington’s head to the edge of the coin is about 4/32”; that’s only an 1/8th of an inch of actual tread depth. And that isn’t much for water dissipation or snow traction. In fact that’s very little and, with safety in mind, you need more.

Stop by any one of our local Pride Auto Care shops ( ) or your favorite quality tire dealer and have a technician check your tires if you have a question on proper tread depth. There’s no charge to check them and you’ll feel better knowing the condition of your tires!

It won’t be long before the snow really starts to fly. Let’s stay safe out there and have a great winter season.

Al Pridemore, CEO, CMO, Pride Auto Care
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