Here at Pride Auto Care we work incredibly hard to take care of our customers and differentiate ourselves in the automotive industry. One of the ways we try to stand out from the crowd is by offering what we call an “Anytime Appointment.”

Nobody likes it when there might be a sudden or serious problem with their vehicle. When a client has a light come on, brakes making noise, steam or smoke coming from their car it is a complete emergency in their eyes, and rightfully so.  

That’s why we offer an ‘Anytime Appointment’, call or stop by anytime we’re open for us to take an initial look at what ails your vehicle. By getting your vehicle in as soon as possible we can have our highly talented ASE certified technicians take 15 min to perform an initial diagnosis; which is when we will begin the process of determining what course of action we should or will need to take to get your vehicle operating properly. Once we look at it, we can quickly determine whether or not it might be a simple “here’s what’s wrong” or we might find that the problem is much more complex, and we will need more time to further diagnose the issue at hand.  

You got it right, these “anytime” slots are there to help you in the blink of an eye and give you peace of mind that we’ll do our best to figure out what is going on. We will thoroughly go over everything we find in our inspection and then work with you to develop a plan on how we can & will get your vehicle fixed; we’ll have you back on the road as soon as possible.

We can even assist in getting you to your home or work or even in a worst-case scenario how we can get you in a rental car if it’s going to be a longer than expected issue to resolve.

So please remember that when any automotive issue unexpectedly arises, you have us, Pride Auto Care in your corner, and YES… we can help you out.

Caitlyn Pridemore

Manager of Business Services