4-Wheel Alignment

FREE Wheel Alignment Check

At Pride Auto Care, Full Service Tire and Auto Repair, we perform a complete 4-WHEEL ALIGNMENT -which includes complete suspension and steering inspection and basic manufacturer allowed adjustments by one of our ASE Certified Technicians. Additional and or necessary repairs and parts are extra. See store for details.

When you purchase a set of 4 new tires at one of our locations we offer HALF OFF a wheel alignment check. That’s a $50 value right then and there!

What’s the big deal about wheel alignments, anyway?

Answer: Plenty!

Here’s the real deal: Besides the higher cost and driving discomfort associated with a poorly aligned vehicle, there’s a safety issue (and peace of mind) at play here too. A vehicle that’s out of alignment:

  • Handles differently than it was intended, usually pulling to one side or the other
  • During braking it may pull from one side or the other and sometimes significantly! This can be a bit unnerving, let alone unsafe.
  • When cornering, the handling may be adversely affected too, making the vehicle feel unstable

Some of these issues may be affected by old, worn tires, shocks, struts or other suspension components.

Over time, a poorly aligned car will wear our tires and front-end suspension components more quickly than a properly aligned car; sometimes much quicker. With the cost of new tires and repairs, along with tighter budgets, not having your car in alignment can mean more money out of your pocket. Not good!

As a poor alignment wears out tires, your car or truck’s ride becomes even more unstable, noisy and potentially unsafe, especially at higher speeds. This is not good nor is it safe either.

QUICK CHECKLIST—Do You Really Need a Wheel Alignment?

  • Does vehicle drift or pull when either braking or while driving? And at what speeds?
  • Does vehicle wander and at what speeds?
  • Do you feel any vibration and at what speed?
  • Is the vibration more vertical or horizontal; up and down vs left to right??
  • Are front or rear tires worn irregularly?
  • Is steering wheel straight when you’re driving straight ahead?
  • Does steering seem loose?
  • Any unusual noises when going over bumps?

At Pride Auto Care, Full Service Tire and Auto Repair, our staff of ASE-certified technicians preform wheel alignments to original equipment specifications. That means more safety, more cost efficiency and more peace of mind for our customers. Guaranteed!

What a Computerized Wheel Alignment Includes

Before performing an alignment Pride Auto Care checks, inspects and verifies the following, and only if the inspection reveals that all these items are within published specifications, a wheel alignment check and a proper wheel alignment, if needed, may be performed.

  • Tire pressure and size
  • Vehicle loading
  • Ride height
  • Steering and suspension parts

Should it be determined that you need a proper alignment, we will:

  • Measure and adjust the alignment angles of each wheel to meet manufacturers specifications.
  • Make sure front wheels, or all four wheels, are aligned while referencing and compensating for/adjusting thrust line for maximum tire milage
  • Make sure steering wheel is centered for vehicles both with non-adjustable and adjustable rear suspensions

Additional Information

Wheel alignment is defined as the measurement, analysis, and adjustment of steering and suspension angles to conform to manufacturer specifications. These angles usually include, but are not limited to: caster, camber, toe, and thrust angle. Where these angles are not adjustable and not in specification, component replacement or correction kits may be required. Errors in set-back and steering axis inclination (SAI) are often attributable to failed or damaged components and must be corrected prior to performing an alignment.

Failure to replace or correct suggested parts or service may prevent a proper alignment.